A Guide to Cleaning a Home during This COVID-19 Period

With hundreds to thousands of new cases popping up every day all across the world and millions of Americans affected, COVID-19 has cemented itself as a worldwide pandemic.

For residents in Indianapolis, in particular, the modern health crisis has brought about considerable levels of panic amongst locals because the city can be entered from all sides. Other than the streams of traffic that exit and enter the city, however, the main worry when dealing with the virus is the potential threats when entering and exiting your home.

Fortunately, minimizing the chance of exposing both yourself and your loved ones to the potentially-deadly virus can be easily done by brushing up on key details and adopting the right practices! If you’re looking to stay protected in these trying times and keep yourself safe from the virus, we will share all you need to know about COVID-19 from the comfort of your home.

Why you shouldn’t go all-out on commercial cleaning solutions

In times like these, an innate response that most people take (but they shouldn’t) when cleaning their homes is to use many cleaning solutions that pack harmful chemicals.

Aside from the fact that doing so can lead to a highly unpleasurable smell, overusing commercial cleaning solutions can easily put anyone at risk of contamination. Sure, it might sound like a good idea to wipe the home clean with copious amounts of products 24/7, but you should definitely loosen up a bit and step away from the bottles of Clorox.

An important factor to consider when cleaning any space to cut any possible coronavirus trails is that the chemicals that various products have can be harmful to one’s health. In most cases, dealing with commercial cleaning products can easily lead to disaster because the toxins will linger for hours after a session and put the health of everyone in your home at risk.

Three key practices worth considering

To beat the virus head-on, here are three important practices you shouldn’t hesitate to follow when keeping your home as safe as possible:

  1. Sanitize everything that comes in your home

The fastest way to bring COVID-19 into the comfort of your home is to accidentally bring it in without any sort of awareness. As opposed to most viruses, the coronavirus can cling on to surfaces for three days at most, which includes your clothes, shoes, shirts, pants, plastic bags, boxes, phones, and cars. Before you enter your home, make sure to spray yourself with a disinfectant, leave your shoes outside the door, and wipe your plastic and paper bags clean with bleach wipes!

  1. Disinfect your surfaces constantly

Given that the virus itself can easily cling and linger on surfaces for days, it makes perfect sense to disinfect every surface in your home that you come in contact with. With a simple spray, wipe, and clean, you can effectively prevent your home from being a virus storage space.

  1. Get a house cleaning service once this is all over

Once the lockdown ends, it is highly recommended that you get your home thoroughly cleaned with the help of an expert who knows how to clean any type of surface. With the help of professionals, such as First Serve Cleaning and Restoration, you can get every spot in your property cleaned and prevent any underlying threats from catching you off-guard!


At this point, you now know that it is possible to keep your home and family safe during these trying times. All you have to do is to sanitize and disinfect the various surfaces in your home regularly and work with a house cleaning service once this pandemic is over.

Looking for professional cleaners in the Indianapolis area, including Marion, Hendricks, Boone, Hamilton or Johnson Counties? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help you!

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