Spray Fogging: The Ultimate Fighter Against Bacteria

How Disinfectant Fogging Works

It works using a piece of specialized fogging equipment, which is called the Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Fogger. An antimicrobial solution is added to the equipment that produces vapor that turns into a thick mist, which gives the fog-like atmosphere.  The fog can disinfect anything it comes in contact with, and it can also fight airborne pathogens as it passes through the air and land on surfaces.  The area must be free of people for at least six hours.

Why You Should Opt for Disinfectant Fogging 

Over time, a build-up of dust, dirt, bacteria, and viruses will accumulate in your property. Although germs can naturally gather anywhere, there are high-contact areas that must be disinfected regularly to avoid human contamination that may lead to infections and other diseases. Disinfectant fogging may be applied to these areas to lower the chances of the spread of germs between individuals. Aside from these high-contact areas, hard-to-reach surfaces must also be disinfected as they are likely not cleaned frequently, leading to a collection of germs.  Another great aspect of disinfectant fogging is that it eliminates the need to move furniture, especially heavy ones, to clean the area. The fog can pass through the cracks, which will save you more time and ensure that these areas are cleaned all throughout.  The biggest advantage is its versatility. As mentioned, it can cover any area, regardless of the size of your facility, to get that peace of mind that is worth it.


Disinfectant fogging has become a highly sought-after method of efficient property sanitation and disinfection. The process covers large areas, including hard-to-reach locations, and eliminates harmful particles that may cause harm to individuals. With this fogging option, you get to ensure that you are in a safe environment.  If you are interested in incorporating this cleaning process, contact a reliable cleaning company that offers disinfectant fogging services. Along with regular cleaning, the fogging aspect may be an additional service to ensure that the area is thoroughly cleaned and safe for people to be in.  First Serve Cleaning is a top-rated cleaning and restoration company in the Indianapolis area that offers disinfectant fogging and spraying services. If you want to ensure the safety and cleanliness of your property, get in touch with us today to see how we can help!

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