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Most homeowners don’t give the same attention to their home’s exterior and outdoor areas when cleaning. Outdoor areas, including the deck, roof, and driveways, are exposed to various bacteria and weather elements. These make them more prone to damages, and damages, of course, are unpleasant and unappealing, especially if you have guests coming over.

Power washing is one great way of eradicating dirt in hard-to-clean areas, especially outdoors. This type of cleaning does not only restore your house to its full glory but gives you and your guests a hazard-free space and environment as well.

Whether you’re hosting a gathering or not, here are some outdoor areas in your home that you should clean up as well:

1. Paved Driveway

The driveway is the first area of your house that your guests will see and notice once they arrive. A stained and dirty driveway does not only look unappealing and unwelcoming, but it can attract and collect molds, mildew, and automobile fluids too, which are hard to clean. Weeds can grow between the cracks on your paved driveway. All of these can create bad impressions from your guests.

A regular power washing can keep dirt and bacteria away from your driveway. A quick cleaning can also make the area look refreshed and pleasing to the eyes.

2. Wall Cladding

Your wall cladding also gives value to your home, especially because that is the part of your home that the public sees.

Power wash your wall cladding to gain back its appeal. Consider doing it, particularly if you’re thinking of selling your house, and you want to get an extra buck once you sell it. If you’re planning to give your home a new look, make sure to power wash the wall cladding as well to remove dirt before repainting it.

3. Deck 

Some people like to host their get-togethers outdoors since it is more refreshing and relaxing outside. The deck area can be an excellent venue, especially if you and your guests love to grill and do picnics. Regardless of the season, a deck is a good place to have intimate bonding with your friends or family members.

Outdoor house areas are more prone to contaminations and damages than your interiors since you can’t control or maintain their surrounding environment. With that said, get your deck some power cleaning services to make gatherings more cozy and pleasing. Power washing your deck can also help you see if there’s a need for repairs.

4. Gutters

The gutter is also one of the most neglected parts when homeowners do house cleaning. Since you can barely see the inside of the gutters, you will never know if it needs cleaning services. Make sure to allow professionals to power wash your house gutters.

Leaves and other debris can clog the waterways of your gutter. When it is blocked, and when the dirt grows in piles, it can cause leakage to your roof since it prevents rainwater from passing through the downspouts. Leakage can damage your roof, exterior walls, and foundation. Additionally, dirt, when damped, can stick to the waterways, creating more blockage.

5. Roof

Although guests won’t see the top of your roof, you must give it a regular cleaning as well. Other than the ground, the roof collects more dirt than any part of your house. Additionally, it is also prone to molds, moss, and algae since rainwater flows through it. These can all damage and reduce your roof’s lifespan.

Black streaks that you see on your roofs are caused by algae, which can damage your roof and affect your health. Soft washing can help completely remove these harmful growths from your roof.


Your outdoor areas also need proper maintenance and care. You must give them a regular cleaning to make sure that your house is dirt- and hazard-free. 

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