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Mold contamination is infamous for spreading like wildfire in damp areas, wherein it settles down on everyday items like your walls, flooring, and even carpet. Speaking of which, carpets are a hotbed for mold and mildew growth, especially if it is not cleaned and is placed in a room with poor ventilation.

Mold infestation is a hard problem to tackle once it spirals out of control, so knowing the tell-tale signs of its invasion is the key to nipping the problem at its bud. Detecting red flags of mold under the carpet can be difficult, but knowing the warning symptoms below should help you identify whether you need to call an expert cleaning service on speed dial: 

Red Flag #1: Musty Odor Permeating From the Carpet 

If you enter the room and immediately get a whiff of a must smell lingering around your carpet, it’s usually one of the first indications that you have mold problems in your rug. 

Most homeowners overlook this factor as many grow familiar with the smell of their home, so your nose becomes unreliable as the odor gradually spreads. 

However, any comments on a dusty, damp, or musty odor from your guests should be taken seriously as they can help bring light to the mold issues in your living space. 

Red Flag #2: Damp and Dark Spots Around the Carpet 

Mold often develops when the carpet is exposed to water for some time and is left to dry on its own. It keeps moisture underneath for days, which establishes the optimal environment for mold and mildew contamination. 

Spills, leaks, and poor ventilation can cause your carpet to trap moisture, especially in basements. With that in mind, noticing damp and dark spots around your carpet should point you to tell-tale signs of mold infestation. 

Red Flag #3: Carpet Discoloration

You’ll know your deep into the stages of mold growth if you see black or green spots strewn across the surface of the carpet fibers. The discoloration may be more severe when you look under the carpet, where the mold colonies usually start to multiply. 

Red Flag #4: Increased Allergies 

Mold not only damages the cosmetic appeal of your furnishings, but it can also harm your health. In that regard, mold problems in its advanced stages can trigger respiratory problems like bronchitis, breathing issues, asthma, and other allergic reactions.

This can be a dangerous problem to tackle, especially once you notice the majority of the household is starting to struggle with uncontrollable and out-of-the-blue illnesses. If that’s the case, you need to inspect your home for some signs of mold, starting from primary culprits such as your carpet. 

The Bottom Line: Call Expert Carpet Cleaners to Handle the Dirty Work For You 

Removing mold contamination by yourself can be a risky ordeal as the process is not as straightforward as you would expect. Even if you have proper gloves, masks, goggles, and cleaning solutions, mold can still grow back if you don’t eliminate the problem at its roots.

To that end, calling a professional mold remediation company can effectively eliminate your mold problems for good without as many risks to your household’s health.

If you’re looking for a commercial carpet cleaning and restoration service to do mold removal for Indianapolis, get in touch with us today to see how we can help you!

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