Danville Power / Soft Washing

Everyone who knows Danville knows it’s a great, friendly town – much like the fictional town immortalized in its locally famous Mayberry Café restaurant. We at First Serve would love to show you our own brand of friendly service and excellent work the next time your Danville home or business needs cleaning or restoration services.

We make it easy to try us out – with prices openly listed on our website, easy online booking, and a variety of packages designed to suit different needs.

First Serve uses soft wash, not high pressure

We have brand new equipment that uses top of the line technology, and we use a soft wash method for a lot of exterior cleaning because high pressure washing can actually damage your siding. If needed, we have a proven method for ridding your shaded roof area of moss growth that is safe for the environment and won’t harm your shingles. Additionally, we can do expert cleaning of any hard surface, including concrete, sidewalks, driveways, and retaining walls.

Also, our sales process employs a no-pressure estimate and a simple, uncomplicated pricing system.

Better service, every customer, every time

You care about the appearance and value of your home and we care about you. We want First Serve to be the first company you think of when you need power exterior washing. Check out the many ways we can clean and restore at First Serve Cleaning and Restoration – then make an appointment today!

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