Disinfectant Fogging: The Ultimate Fighter Against Bacteria

Sanitation of properties has become a popular service these days, especially with the growing number of the global health pandemic. Business managers and property owners are always looking for ways to ensure that their property is safe for employees and visitors, and...

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A Guide to Cleaning a Home during This COVID-19 Period

With hundreds to thousands of new cases popping up every day all across the world and millions of Americans affected, COVID-19 has cemented itself as a worldwide pandemic. For residents in Indianapolis, in particular, the modern health crisis has brought about...

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Clean Carpets for a Healthy Household

One of the most effective things you can do to keep you and your household healthy is...keep your carpets clean. Even when they look pretty clean, carpet fibers can be a breeding ground for bacteria. What’s in your carpet fibers? For one thing, we shed thousands of...

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Welcome to our new website!  Thank you Tom Greer and TRG Web Designs for working with us to make this happen -- and for the ongoing support! If you would like to hire Tom and his team at TRG Web Designs, you can reach him at 317-800-4455.    

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