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Your cute and cuddly ball of fur is a 360-degree turn to the horrors of its urine. The stale smell sometimes sticks to the walls of your nose. As a pet owner, it is vital to know the proper way of cleaning your pet’s urine to leave your home smelling fresh all day long. However, urine-stained rugs and carpets are a deadlier opponent than surface stains. If the smell is too stubborn for you to handle, you can call a carpet restoration and cleaning service to handle it for you.

Here are the actionable tips you can do for your next urine clean-up.

1. Soak the urine—don’t smear, blot, or dab!

The worst thing you could do when cleaning up urine is to spread it all around the area. Don’t smear, blot, or dab the puddle of horrors if you want its smell to stay in one spot. Instead, soak up the urine using an absorbent towel. 

If your pet urinated on a piece of fabric like a rug or carpet, use pressure to soak up as much liquid as you can. Then, it is crucial to dispose of the towel immediately to prevent the spread of odors. 

2. Use cleaners with enzymes

Enzymatic cleaners help eliminate the putrid smell of urine by destroying the molecules of urine with enzymes. It is vital to read the instructions on the package as different enzymatic cleaners have different directions to work correctly. 

3. Sprinkle baking soda on the urine spot

Baking soda is a known household remedy to eliminate odors, especially for stinky smells in your refrigerators. You can sprinkle a substantial amount on the dry urine spot and rub it in using a piece of fabric. Let it sit for a long time, preferably 24 hours, before removing the debris with a vacuum or dustpan. 

4. Dry fabrics stained with urine immediately

Fabrics damp with urine will continue to worsen the smell as it dries. Experts recommend drying the material immediately under the heat of the sun. If the sun isn’t available, you can use an electric fan to create artificial ventilation to remove the odor and moisture. You should do this, especially for gallery carpet cleaning, to keep the smells from spreading. Remember to open windows to excrete the odor. 

5. Wet vacuum old, stubborn stains with cold water

Old stains need some extra attention. Use enzymatic cleaners diluted in cold water to break down the odor-causing molecules. Remember to use cold water instead of hot water as high temperatures tend to make the urine stick stronger to the fibers of the fabric. Afterward, dry entirely under the sun or use a fan. 

6. Call for professional help

If you’ve tried everything, but the smell still lingers, your best bet is to ask for help from professionals. A carpet restoration service can make your stained rugs and carpets look brand new using the right equipment and tools. If you’re a busy person, the cleaning and restoration of urine-damaged surfaces might be too tough to handle. With that said, professionals are your most convenient choice.


Professionals have better equipment, training, and experience to handle your pet’s urine. The cleaning and restoration of urine-stained surfaces might be a battle you couldn’t win alone. However, the fight leans toward a victory with a professional alongside the struggle. 

Are you in need of a professional carpet cleaning service to handle your pet’s urine in Indianapolis? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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