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First Serve Cleaning and Restoration provides Carpet Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Power Washing, Water Damage Restoration and related services to all of Greater Indianapolis including Avon, Brownsburg, Carmel, Danville, Fishers, Greenwood, Mooresville, Plainfield and Zionsville.

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Carpet Cleaning Service–Simple As 1-2-3

1. Easy Pricing

We offer easy pricing that allow you to choose the carpet cleaning package best suits your needs. We do not believe that “one size fits all.” Not everyone needs an entire house cleaned every time. We can clean what needs to be cleaned, when it needs to be cleaned.

Do you want to know how much it is going to cost? We don’t beat around the bush. We’ll tell you right up front what it’s going to cost, according to how many rooms you have and whether you want the standard or ultimate package. It’s all right here in our pricing section!

Do you have a special request or need a custom job? Just let us know. We’re happy to do a walk-through to address any concerns. And, we make sure you approve any pricing before we start.

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2. Convenient Scheduling

Book your carpet cleaning appointment to fit your busy schedule.

You can book your carpet cleaning online with a few keystrokes on our booking page or you can call our office to schedule a time that works best for you.

Our self-booking system will give you a confirmation of your appointment automatically, then send you a reminder the day before your appointment.

When we’re on our way, we’ll text you. And then we will send a text when we’re done, then a follow-up email to make sure you’re satisfied.

We offer a 30-day guarantee – because we stand behind our work.


3. Service that puts YOU first

Our carpet cleaning service is designed around your needs.

First, we serve – it’s in our name, First Serve. When we clean your carpet, we move the necessary furniture (like dining room chairs so we can get under the table) and we use Styrofoam blocks or plastic tabs when something’s heavy, to protect your carpet.

We use a fast-drying process, but we also provide helpful hints like how using a ceiling fan and furnace fan will help speed up the drying process even more.

Do you have a special need? Tell us about it so that we can meet your needs.


Your carpet needs cleaning, so who do you call?

There are many services that offer residential and business carpet cleaning. Only First Serve Cleaning provides the 1-2-3 easy pricing, scheduling, and service you deserve.

The Name On the Van Explains the Difference

First, we Serve

First Serve Van

Consumer Alert!

If you’re conscientious about carpet cleaning and keeping them stain and odor-free, you know the value of professional carpet cleaning here in Indianapolis. Unfortunately, carpet-cleaning scam artists will try to take advantage of homeowners with high-pressure sales tactics and gimmicks.

Some companies have different levels of carpet cleaning options, such as “deep carpet cleaning” that includes pre-spraying your carpet at a higher cost than a standard carpet cleaning.

What many customers don’t realize is that the pre-spray is the solution that’s needed to clean your carpet in the first place. What they call standard carpet cleaning without pre-spray would be like washing your hair without shampoo. 

Other carpet cleaning companies right here in Indianapolis will promise to clean all your carpet for $99. Once inside your home, the carpet cleaning price, instantaneously increases because you have extra thick carpet, your rooms are over 100 square feet, and you need a “special chemical” or you will not be happy with the carpet cleaning results.

Regardless of what you agreed to over the phone, the price spirals out of control, and you find yourself paying for services you don’t even need.

The fix? Ask if the carpet cleaning quote is guaranteed accurate? Is there a hidden “trip fee” usually ranging between $20-$50 just to come out and if you can get this quote in writing via email or in person before they begin?

Your three room carpet cleaning special for $99 could easily end of costing you $250 plus after all the hidden charges, trip fees and add-ons. With First Serve’s carpet cleaning everything we need to complete the carpet cleaning process is included in your price quote.

What other say

Make the Best Choice in Indianapolis Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning companies will try to trick you by claiming to use the “best” method available.

Unfortunately! There is no such thing. What works best for your carpet depends on its age, material, pile and the amount of carpet cleaning it requires. However most carpet manufacturers recommend that their products be cleaned using the hot water extraction method often referred to as “Steam Cleaning.”

The primary difference between hot water extraction and steam cleaning is the temperature of the water used. For a carpet to be steam cleaned, it must actually use steam.

I know—who would have guessed?

The water must reach a temperature high enough to transform into a gas. However, applying pure steam to carpet will not be effective in rinsing.

Natural fibers are cleaned with hot water extraction to prevent shrinkage, so is upholstery. It can be used to treat stains as well, unlike steam cleaning, which is avoided because it can actually set stains permanently.

Hot water extraction, only requires hot water. How hot? Hot enough that it cleans deeply and effectively, but not so hot that it changes into another state of matter.

We provide a personal carpet cleaning assessment to ensure that your home or business carpeting is treated exactly as it should be for the type and condition of the flooring. We take pride in our services, and are ready to show you the difference professional carpet and upholstery cleaning can make. Schedule your cleaning appointment today!

Will all spots and stains be removed during the carpet cleaning process?

Along with making your carpet look, smell, and feel fresh and clean, First Serve professional carpet cleaners of Indianapolis can rid your carpet of germs, mold, viruses, and other contaminants that can make you and your family sick. Regular cleanings will also help to extend the lifespan of your carpet.

A spot is a substance that is adhered to the carpet fiber, but has not become set.

A stain is more advanced and may have become set. As a professional carpet cleaner, we will remove all spots (food, grease, mud, etc).

However, even a professional carpet cleaner will have more problems removing a set or permanent stain compared to a spot. We carry a large amount of stain removal solutions for the removal of coffee, tea, blood, cola, urine, red wine etc. If the stain has not set and become permanent, stain removal can be successful.


When you go to our SCHEDULE PAGE, you will see the following options – and you can select your service as well as schedule your service time.

These are the options and pricing for scheduling your carpet cleaning service.  Clicking on any of the images below will redirect you to our scheduling website.

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