Pet Urine Remediation

Got pets? You might need Pet Urine Remediation from First Serve. Pets are part of the family and we love them. What we may not love as much are the occasional accidents that leave your carpet, rug, or furniture with a particular stain and a peculiar odor. First Serve offers expert pet urine remediation, and has a great reputation for dealing with stubborn urine stains and odors.

We’re a locally owned and operated company

We’re in the community and we take care of our customers. Whether you need pet urine remediation or one of our other cleaning services, check out all the ways we can help clean your home or business at First Serve Cleaning and Restoration. You can go online and book your appointment today!

How we deal with pet urine

We clean animal accidents much the same way we clean carpets; we extract well using a special cleaning solution, flush thoroughly to get most of it out, and then apply an enzyme-based product. As the fibers dry, the enzyme treatment on the top will eat away at the contaminate and dissolve it. This enzyme is specially designed to address this particular situation and does the trick in most  situations. In some cases, if the spot has been used many times and the urine has gone down through the carpet and pad, we may have to replace the carpet and pad – and sometimes seal the floor below to seal in the odor.

First Serve makes it easy for you

If you need pet urine remediation, help is just a few keystrokes away. You can book an appointment online, and we’ll send you a confirmation of your appointment right away. You’ll get a reminder the day before we arrive, and a text when we’re on our way. We’ll text again when we’re finished with the job, and follow up in a few days to make sure you’re satisfied. We also have a 30-day guarantee on most services.

Better Service. Every Customer. Every Time.

We're Customer Focused

Flexible Scheduling

We’ll find a convenient time that fits your schedule.


No complicated formulas and no games with hidden markups or surcharges.


Day Ahead Reminder

You will receive an email the day before to remind you of our appointment.


On Our Way Notification

We’ll send you a message that our team is on their way to your location.


Best Cleaning Process

We’ll select the best cleaning process for the job.

Stain Removal

Our processes and cleaning products will eradicate just about any stain.

Environmentally Safe

Our cleaning products are effective and environmentally safe.

Follow Up

We will contact you via email to ensure you are delighted with the results.

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