Tile and grout get dull over time. It’s easy to mop the hard surfaces of a tile floor, but after a while, all you get is soil displacement – you’re just moving around dirt around. Over time, it develops a haze and gets progressively dirty. Sometimes, you can even see a walk pattern like a path.

Our tile and grout cleaning process

The first time you have First Serve clean your tile and grout, you’ll be amazed at the difference and feel like you have a newly tiled surface. We apply a special product designed specifically for tile and grout, then scrub it in with brushes to agitate the grime. Then, we use a specially-designed power washer with small jets of 210-degree water that spin at an angle, peeling away the dirt and debris that’s been raked to the top. The dirty water is then extracted right back out to a van – none of it stays on your floor.

Any time you do regular maintenance on a tiled surface or anything else, you extend its life and restore its beauty. You’ll be able to see an immediate difference. We recommend having your tile and grout cleaned once every year – and you can check out our pricing and make an appointment conveniently by booking online.

First Serve is locally owned

We’re a locally owned and operated business, not a large impersonal chain. We’re committed to our community, our environment, and providing you with the best tile and grout cleaning service.

Check out the many ways we can clean and restore at First Serve Cleaning and Restoration and make your appointment today.

Better Service. Every Customer. Every Time.

We’re Customer Focused

Flexible Scheduling

We’ll find a convenient time that fits your schedule.


No complicated formulas and no games with hidden markups or surcharges.


Day Ahead Reminder

You will receive an email the day before to remind you of our appointment.


On Our Way Notification

We’ll send you a message that our team is on their way to your location.


Best Cleaning Process

We’ll select the best cleaning process for your tile and grout.

Grime Removal

Our processes and tile cleaning tools will eradicate just about anything.

Environmentally Safe

Our cleaning products are effective and environmentally safe.

Follow Up

We will contact you via email to ensure you are delighted with the results.

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