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Commercial Maintenance Services

Our maintenance plan is simple.  Our goal is to ensure your flooring lasts longer than expected.  We provide your operations team peace of mind by maintaining the look and health of your building environment monthly or quarterly.  If there is no plan in place, you can expect your flooring to deteriorate over time, causing premature replacement.   Flooring is costly. First impressions are priceless.  So, we work with the facility manager to analyze your building and discuss traffic flow and building usage.  There may be seasonal spikes at different times that would influence a cleaning schedule.  We then calculate each area’s yearly frequency, calculate the cost, and divide the annual number by 12 or 4, depending on your plan.  In most cases, we can even out our monthly payment schedule and schedule out all of your cleanings.

In addition, if you need spot treatment in a different area we are not scheduled for, just let us know.  In most cases, there would be no extra charge.  Last, you are automatically put on our high-priority list for flood or mold emergencies.  

This plan allows us First to Serve you.  

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